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deans queenie x092
Dean's Queenie X092

Reg. #: 16856170 (View Pedigree)

DOB: September 03, 2010
Sire: B/R Future Direction 4268
Dam: Roden RL Queenie 70527s

Owned by: Fancy Free Farm, Long Lane Farm, Culp Farms & Farmington Angus
  • This direct daughter of B/R Future Direction 4268 stems back to the $102,000 Roden RL Queenie 70527 and the featured Pathfinder granddam, GAR EXT 916.

  • She stems from a dam that records BR 1 @94, U%IMF 20 @103, UREA 20 @103, with nine daughters in production with an average nursing ratio of 103.

  • This outstanding female has sold four pregnancies with the year for $79,000 for an average of $19,750; these pregnancies went to Greenbrae Angus, Pollard Farms and Double G Angus.

  • A daughter of this female prior to the July 7, 2017 EPD update was the highest $Value non-parent female of the entire Angus breed.

  • Dean's Queenie Y120, a full sister, was the $300,000 one-half interest for a $600,000 valuation Lot 1 female and top seller of the Cox Ranch Annual Production Sale; she later produced the top-selling heifer calf at $140,000, Cox Y120 Queenie 6702, going to Lisonbee Angus of Utah; she also went onto produce a $57,500 pregnancy to Vintage Angus Ranch of California, a $52,500 pregnancy to Angus HIll Farm of New York and later the Vintage Angus Ranch pregnancy went onto sell for one-half interest for $80,000 through the 2016 sale to Pollard Farm.

  • Dean's Queenie X104, a full sister, was selected by Express Ranches and Spruce Mountain as the $72,00 top-selling donor cow of the 2016 East Texas Angus Extravaganza and a flush sister to her was chosen by Crazy K as the $74,000 top-selling donor cow of the Friendship Sale in Georgia. Express and Spruce Mountain have offered three heifer calf pregnancies from the full sister that have sold for $50,000; $40,000 and $25,000 in the 2017 Big Event Sale, 2017 Bases Loaded and Stars of Texas Sale.

sav elba 910
S A V Elba 910

Reg. #: 16391000 (View Pedigree)

DOB: January 1, 2009
Sire: S A V Bismarck 5682
Dam: S A V Elba 1094

Owned by: Farmington Angus & Pasture View Angus
PVA Lady Standard Z500

Reg. #: 17393198 (View Pedigree)
Sire: LCC New Standard
Dam: B A Lady 6807 305

Owned by: Fancy Free Farm, Farmington Angus and Pasture View Angus
  • This female was the selected as the top-selling open heifer in the 2013 Pasture View Annual Production Sale for $15,000 at one-half interest for a $30,000 valuation.

  • She is a direct daughter of the Pathfinder sire, LCC New Standard, back to the legendary BA Lady 6807 305, who is the all-time high income producing female of the Riley Brothers program.

  • This female is a full sister to the ABS Global AI sire, RB Active Duty 010, and the $175,000 top-selling female and record setter of the 2014 National Western Stock Show Foundation Female Sale, RB Lady Standard 305-890. She is also a maternal sister to the ABS Global AI sire, RB Tour of Duty 177, who is the record-selling bull of the 2012 Minnesota Bull Test Station.

  • She produced a heifer calf pregnancy that sold through the 2015 Decades of Excellence Sale for $14,500 to KVD Cattle Co. of Missouri and Lawson Farms of Virginia and produced a $14,000 feature through te 2015 National Angus Finals Sale as well as a $9,500 feature throug the 2015 Decades of Excellence Sale going to Gaffney Family Catle and Linz Heritage Angus.

kem 119 of woodlawnPictured: K E M 119 of Woodlawn, Dam
Whitestone kem x218

Reg. #: 16080361 (View Pedigree)

DOB: March 17, 2008
Sire: D H D Traveler 6807
Dam: K E M 119 of Woodlawn

Owned by: Fancy Free Farm, Long Lane Farm & Farmington Angus
  • This foundation Kem female is a direct daughter of the ever popular Pathfinder sire, DHD Traveler 6807, back to the record-selling  $55,000 K E M 119 of Woodlawn, who was the top-selling female of the historic Woodlawn dispersal.

  • This outstanding donor female produced the $30,000 featured heifer calf, Decades Kem 1412, through the 2015 Decades of Excellence Annual Production Sale going to ZWT Ranch of Tennessee.

  • She is a stout, powerhouse female that produces just like she looks and stems from one of the all-time great families in the industry.